Blue Moon

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It was full moon two nights ago. And I didn't know that it was blue moon a month ago. If I just knew, I could have had a boyfriend right now. Naaah, kidding.
I don't really have someone to have that special relationship for now. It's just too sad that the "someone" I know gave up. Well, technically, he did not give up just yet because he's not telling me anything about it. But I think he is now. Because I can't feel him anymore. I was happy I gave him another chance. It was more like, giving us (although there there was no "us" yet. I know, it's complicated) a chance again. Because I still like him, after all.

But anywaaaay, that's an entirely different topic. Today I just wanna talk about blue moon and the significance I gave to it.

We are familiar with the saying that goes, "Once in a blue moon." Which means, things happen so rarely. People used that term because blue moon actually happens, and it's rarely. But of course, it not the color changing of the moon to blue but it is the second of two full moons in a month. This can happen when the first full moon appears on the first few days of the month, usually on the 1st then blue moon appears on the last day of the month.
(If you wanna know more, just click the link below this post.) And they say that in most rare occassions, there is an actual and literal blue moon. But of course, it's because of some environmental factors on earth and not really a univeral change.

And so to just try adding some significant effects over my knowledge about blue moon, I decided that it is gonna be my deadline as to when I should have a boyfriend. I started planning about this 2 years ago cause last July 30, 2015 was blue moon. And I was expecting to finally have a boyfriend during that time. But unfortunately, it's not yet the final deadline. I got frustrated that I lost track of waiting for the next blue moon. That's why I forgot that last month was a blue moon!!
Okaaay. I'll have to cut this long rant now. It'll be blue moon on January 31, 2018. And I'm not sure if that's gonna be the last deadline.

Wanna know when is the next blue moon? Click me! 

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