Message in a Bottle

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I have always been fond of poems. I also compose poems but right now I am more satisfied reading them. One of my favorite modern poets is Lang Leav. And I'll be sharing one of her proses that I can relate so much now. I truly love her poems. She just has a way with words that can struck my heart. I have electronic copies of two her books but I am hoping I can buy the printed ones as soon as I can!

Message in a Bottle

"No one truly knows who they are", he sighs.
"The glass bottle does not know its own contents. It has no idea whether it's a vessel for the most delicious apple cider, a lovingly crafted wine, or a bitter poison."
"People are the same. Yet like the bottle, we are transparent. We can't see ourselves the way others see us."
"How do you see me?", she asked.
"You are a bottle floating out at sea", he says.
"One that contains a very important message."
"It may never reach its recipient, but as long as there is someone waiting, it will always have a purpose."
"Will you wait for mine?"
"I will", he promised.
"I will look for you everytime I stand at the edge of the ocean."

-Lang Leav

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