5:16 PM

i have something to say..
something that i don't want you to hear but you need to know..
maybe you'll just ignore this now if you forgot about me..

my heart is now beating fast..
there are butterflies in my stomach..
i'm cold but my hands are sweating..
a feeling of nervousness..
i'm not really ready to tell you this..
cause it feels like i do not know you by now..

your promise has been broken..
mine is now tearing..
i do not know if i still love you,
like the way i first kissed you..
i do not know if i still need you,
like the old nights i'm missing you..
i do not know if you still love me,
like the way you made me feel..
i do not know if you still need me,
like the way you hold me in your arms before..

i do not know if what i'm feeling now is the love i felt the first time i knew you..
-if it is the love of a brother who had cared for me..
-if it is the feeling of a girl to her crush..
-if it is the feeling of a long lost friend whom i've never seen for a long time..

But the past will not be back again for me..
i can never change what i have felt..
what i have known..
what i have done..
and i don't want it to happen again to me..

you've shown me love and i've showed the same..
but you abused it..
i do not know anything that time..
i was innocent..
a child..
while you..

you've been selfish..



angulo mo neng..
nabasa ko sa likod ng something mine..
ba't kaya andun.??
last year pa..

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