Minutes before 2012

11:45 PM

Some thoughts about the ending 2011 and coming 2012:
-2011 was really fascinating with all these 1's and 11's. 2012 is more controversial with the news that the world is coming to it's end.
-It was a changing 2011 for me. New college and new friends, parents abroad and an independent me. It is going to be a challenging 2012 for me. Higher standards and goals, much more responsibilities, study more seriously.
-2011 was a bit emotional with all these childish thoughts and acts and being so careless, selfish, and spoiled little lass inside of me. 2012, I am going to take you more maturely and positively.
-Time is really a great healer. The not-so-good past must really be forgotten to face a so-so-good tomorrow.
-I was a stubborn kid of 2011, I am going to be an obedient teen of 2012.
-I got sick four times, and was hospitalized once during 2011. I am not going to feel any worries about my health this 2012.
-I have found no time and place in 2011 to spend more with God; I am going to spend every time and place with Him this 2012.
-I was full of love and care in 2011. My cup will always be empty to be filled with much more love and care this 2012.
 The Lord has been really good to me and I know that He will never change, no matter how many days, months or even years may come to my life. To Him will always be the thanks, the praise and the glory.
Happy 2012!

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