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8:12 PM

I have posted recently that I have made changes to my blog. These changes are not minor like simple things of changing the background or template. I made a major change to my blog, and that for me is the URL or the Uniform/Universal Resource Locator. According to Wikipedia, URL is a specific character string that constitutes a reference to an Internet resource. (Click Here to read more.) It's a major change for me, I do not know what other domain owners think out there. I have been holding "najbeingme.blogspot.com" for almost 3 years and it has made a contribution to me, should I say. I was really thinking many times before already changing the URL. I was thinking that I do not have any new URL in mind for a change and maybe some who read my blog may be lost if they try to visit this again. And without really second thought, although I was really thinking hard, I was already changing the URL to a new one and I clicked "Save". Now, there it is. Ta-da! The new URL: "not-really-an-arcane.blogspot.com.
While editing some other things in my blog, my sister sat next to me then asked me, "What's arcane, Ate?"
Well, I have read arcane in a magazine some months ago and I even have mistakenly read it as 'arcade' because they have the same spelling except for the 5th letter. So, I browsed the dictionary in my cellphone and found arcane. The dictionary says that, Arcane is something that is secret or mysterious. I found it interesting and it must have remained in my permanent memory and it came up while changing the URL.
I have read a blogpost that talks about trying to have a good URL. The blogger states there that it must really be eye-catching so that people would be interested in taking a peek or even look or read your blog. It must also not be a common URL. I really do not know what's a common URL, hehe. And the last thing I remembered he said is that do not even really try hard for your URL to be accepted when there is already an existing URL that you want. Like, forcing "gandaaaaaaaaa" as a URL because the word, 'ganda' is already used.
Well as for me, as long as the URL you want is what fits you, your interest or just what you like even it's really nonsense, use it. Just express yourself freely and I'm sure you will be contented and happy. 

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