for the anniversary

5:34 PM

After blogging for almost 3 years, I have already shared  many ideas, poems, stories, literature, writings, and many other stuffs. Some are quite interesting, others are just really nonsense but still I have expressed myself although not clearly ( yeah, right ). I have shared many but every tomorrow is always another day so everyday I can always have new thoughts and ideas in mind. This coming 2012, I am planning and it is also in the list of my New Year's Resolution to be always updated with this blog and I am also thinking of earning while just easily blogging. How  clever am I! LOL. So now that I am much serious than the last blog I have posted the first term of this passing year, I will really be earnest and diligent in blogging necessary and useful readings. Okay, I cannot promise that all my posts are really that worth reading but still it will be worth post adding. ( huh?? duh. )
For the 3rd anniversary of, I am changing the URL to I changed the blog title to "a twerp" from "the less mystery". I like the blog description, I hope it really fits. I also have changed the background to my most favorite comic character - Charlie Brown and Snoopy. YEY, so happy. HAHA.

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  1. Good luck, ghurl. :D <3

  2. we always got this tendency to change URLs from time to time.. Kasi, new URL/lay-out tends to become a new start for us!! goodluck! ;D

  3. yeah, yer right Eline. Thanks! :) Happy Holidays to you!


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