Patchwork of Love

11:51 PM

People say a mother's love is the greatest. It is peace, need not to be acquired, need not to be deserved. Some also say she is a bank where we deposit our hurts, worries, and pains. Many has testified that her hope for her children never fails and that she has never lost her child in her prayers. Most sees that she is so strong yet she has the softest and largest heart. Men thinks that it is really hard being a mother cause if it were that easy, fathers then should do it.
My mother is like an angel. Well, not like. She really is an angel. God has given me the best angel. She is someone who has never lost her love for me though i have made mistakes and already hurt her too much. She has never taken me for granted. She always appreciates everything I do for her and is always proud of me.
But sometimes, although she has the greatest part of my everything, she still needs to be away from us - to work out of her own country just to support our needs and goals in life. She needs to sacrifice her time for her family just to spend time with others abroad. She is the superior in the house, she makes rules and regulations, and is always there to remind if anyone has forgot. But miles and miles away, she's only a mediocre, a follower, and the one who's is reminded. These things can make a person feel inferior, have low self-confidence, be homesick, be lonely. But I will believe to what most sees to mother - she is strong. Because this is what I see. She has never showed me how sad and hurt she is. Her tears are the most significant. They will never flow unless reasons are really something. A mother knows that when she cries, her children will cry too. They have a unique tie, my flesh are from my mother's. She still continues working because her children are her inspiration. She never minds the cumbersome work, the alone days, the give-up feelings. Instead, she is looking forward to what she has worked with would bring to her loved ones. She misses us already, and I miss her more.
I am really naive, not thinking that my mother won't always be happy and fine. I forgot that life on earth is really, really hard. I felt relaxed and easy with the temporary things. I forgot the special things that must have been taken an important notice.
Now I know the feelings of those people I know whose parents are abroad.
Although some are already used having their parents away from them, all I want them to feel and think of is that, a parent being away with the persons whom they really love and care is not easy. Making money is not at all easy, guys. How much more if they are away from their loved ones and there is no one whom they can talk to, and share their inmost feelings? It's really good hi-tech is here. There's no reason not talking to them.
 I can't imagine many months more without my mother. I miss her already. I miss my father too, of course. Can't wait for their coming back home. :D
People, love your mother. You never know how much she loves you.

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