The Gentleman who First Loved Me

12:53 AM

Let me tell you some things about this gentleman who first loved me:
He is tall, dark, and handsome.
And he can be compared to no one.
He does not only have good looks, but he is also wise.
I believe its God given, you wouldn’t think twice.
He is my best Math teacher,
And also my best critic in English ever.
You see, he doesn’t know how play the piano or guitar,
But he is my very first music teacher so far.
I learned from him how to count the notes,
And how to beat the two-fourths and four-fourths.
He loves reading more than I do,
And I know he will love reading this poem, too.
He may not crack the funniest jokes,
But I learn more from his inspirational talks.
He is a man of few words,
But also a man of beautiful thoughts.
For when life seems to complicate me,
I can always run to him and he would help me.
I don’t know how he can always understand things,
But that is one more thing, I am always grateful with.
I have never seen him lazy nor idle,
For he would even hold the string and the needle!
When he has done everything his hands finds to do:
And then sees he also needs to sew my shoe.
He is a hardworking man, indeed.
A great provider of the family’s needs.
He has never failed in supporting me,
For he always sees the best of what I can be.
I may sometimes hear rebuking words from him,
But I know it’s an assurance of love through discipline.
He also never fails in reminding me,
To praise and thank the Lord for everything.
And now, I give to God the glory,
 For it is a wonderful blessing to feel the Heavenly Father’s love
 Through the best earthly father he can ever give me!

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  1. Thanks anak for your heartfelt message. I am touched and inspired coz of your appreciation. Please continue being a loving daughter to me and your mom especially to God who first loves us. I love you


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