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7:58 PM

What an imperfect timing again to blog!

Last February, I decided to join this really interesting challenge to post an entry every day (except Sundays) during the month of April. I was excited because I thought that when April comes, I’ll be over the busy schedule of a senior college student. But then, everything went the other way around. It’s April tomorrow and I am so far in my busiest mode in my entire student life. So now I am trying to find time so I can still do this challenge.

This post should be about the challenge I joined, but anyway before I come to that topic, I’ll share what things kept me occupied and are keeping my occupied presently:

During the final days of the semester, we have been cramming in finishing our Feasibility Study. We have been working on it for almost 10 months already but we have been delaying things so we crammed up to the last minute. The “should be weeks of preparation”, we did for only an overnight. Thank God, we survived and received a satisfying grade.

Final exams were also a real pain in the neck. We tried to consume for two days, the should be a whole week of exams. Imagine how difficult to study for consecutive exams. And take note, these exams are not minors; they are Law, Tax and Auditing Problem exams, which are my major subjects for this semester. But as I recall these things, I realize that everything went so fast that I didn’t realize it was already over.

Currently, I am doing my On-the-Job-Training. I was looking forward to this ever since the semester started and now that I am here, I am just so glad! Tomorrow will be my 10th day and I only have a week and a half left to finish our required 160 hours. Studying Auditing is already hard, and doing the actual work is even harder! I sometimes wish I didn’t take this course, but I have already learned to love it so I ain’t quitting. It’s too late for that.

So coming back to what I have talking here in the first place, as I have mentioned above, I joined challenge called, the A-Z Blog Challenge. This is a really simple challenge for all bloggers out there who are looking for some ways to improve their blogging, or do something for fun, or just like me who wants to have a good update of their blogs.

I joined here with no definite theme yet. Tomorrow is the start but I still don’t have any topics on mind. To understand what I am telling here, the picture below is linked to the A-Z Blog Challenge site. Just click on it and you can read everything about the it.

So yeah, there. What a fine introduction (read in a sarcastic way). I just hope I can keep up with the challenge despite the lack of time and internet source I have. Hoping for a good start tomorrow!

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  1. No theme needed, just whatever is on your mind.

    Nice to meet you!


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