18 days before my 18th!

11:56 PM

When I celebrated last year my 17th birthday, I told myself that I'm going to count 18 days before my 18th birthday the next year. So here, ta! da! Haha. It's now 18 days before my 18th birthday! Wow. So fast.
Now what am I gonna do while counting the days? I was thinking about this every time my mind was idle this whole day. Should I take a picture of myself every day until my birthday? Or should I   post about what happened to my day? Or should I give or buy myself 18 gifts for 18 days? Or maybe I would just wish?
After being so selfish with these thoughts. lol. I decided to just make 18 wishes. I would really love to write about my everyday count down wishes here in my blog but unfortunately, I may not be able to do that due to some reasons I'll be sharing later.
Okay, so here is my first wish:
I wish to have a violin and of course, learn how to play it. Although I am not expecting for anyone to give a violin as a gift, buying one is really one of my plans this year. It is the second instrument next to piano which I really love to learn most when I was still a little kid. But then, guitar came so it was temporarily deleted in my dreams to play. But just recently, when I saw again people around me playing violin, I started dreaming of becoming a violinist again!
Here's a fact about me: I learned to play the piano and guitar by self-study. But I do not credit all to myself. There are lots of friends who helped me to be better. Of course I wouldn't learn the basics without them. Now, I don't know if I can self-study with violin. Another fact: Both my father and mother are not musicians. That's why I was asking myself before why I had this big interest with instruments when my parents don't even play one? My mother had learned few basics in guitar when she was still a teen that's why she's my first teacher. (She only knows the chords E, A, and D) While my father is a frustrated guitarist; he said he did not have the perseverance and even kept on telling me while trying to teach him before that his fingers are short that's why he really cannot learn. But then, they told me that their aunts and uncles know how to play some so maybe the interest runs in the blood.
Oh well, I just hope this wish will come true. Haha.


Almost forgot! I'd love to share my wishes here but then back at the dormitory, I chose not to validate my internet account there because of studies. I need to be focused now with my course and I don't like any temptations. :)) Maybe I'll just validate if I already need badly the internet still because of school-related matters. Till next time!

PS: What are some of your wishes on your birthday? :)

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  1. Oh Advance Happy Birthday to you!


  2. advance happy birthday. i too wish to know how to play the violin. i only tried to play it once. its kinda hard but its fun =D

  3. advance happy birthday!!!! BEST WISHES in your plans in life.

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