11:21 AM

Maybe I need to get back to the new template provided by blogspot. I don't know, I just don't feel this classic template I'm using.
It's going to be a busy week for me so I have no time to visit blogs. I'll miss it. I'll miss this boring vacation.
Anyway, I need to study well starting tomorrow. I don't think I need the easy-go-lucky Jana. I need to hardworking Jana this time. I also need a good memory. My brain's quite not in its good condition lately because of stress. I need to prepare.
Minutes from now, I'll be back at the dorm. I really think I need to be away at the house for few days. I'm being a destroyer here. Last night I broke the kitchen table's glass, now the bathroom's sink. I think I need to get away now before I get to destroy other appliances. I'm not sure if we have internet access at the dorm. I'm going to miss the wi-fi here at the house. Haaay, I'll only be back home at some weekends. Just the thought of it makes me really sad. T_T No Foodssss.
Okay, got to go. Mother's getting angry.
Back to blogger template. :D I'l just edit this weekend. Babooosh.

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  1. You really have to change your template. Too simple ;-)

    Good luck! I would be busy as well!

  2. Whatever you feel like doing. :)

    It's the content that matters.

  3. okay, i think i too need to be the hardworking-me this time! haha


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