A gift

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"Worrying does not add length to your life." ~ Papa

I got sick this past week. Not even knowing why and how. Saturday afternoon, I didn't attend the afternoon worship then my body just started changing its state. Abnormal temperature, rashes, headache, and all that leads to fever. I don't know why. I was even so hyper the whole Friday then why got sick all of a sudden? The next day, Sunday, I can't see properly. The back of my eyes really hurt, looking at any light makes it worse. I also can't move and do things normally. Of course, because I have high fever, which made me nauseated. And I can't eat well. Besides losing appetite for food, food allergy can just attack me any time. I just hated being so sick!
Monday morning came. I thought I'd be alright but everything just got worse. I already took 6 Paracetamol Biogesic, 6th that morning but I just can't understand my body. Before, 1 pill is enough for me, two are already too much. But 6 in just almost two days?? Ugggghh. Rashes were scattered all over my body. Face, neck, back, arms, legs. I even blamed the pill for the rashes. My mother got worried already so we went to the doctor later that morning. They checked my urine, my blood, asked me questions. The result? Weakened Immune System. Just that. I thought I had dengue, malaria, or any serious infection because of what I was feeling. Oh no, I do not doubt the doctor, or the lab results. I was just dazed. I was suffering from a virus because of my weakened immune system.
The five days I was sick, I was able to realize things. With the help of my mother's 'the talks' and my father's 'words of wisdom', I had reflected few things that happened in my life this vacation. I got no one to share it with so I'm sharing it here:

  1. Over thinking will lead you to nowhere. 
  2. Health is wealth.
  3. Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  4. Go out, meet sunshine. Not staying inside facing the laptop's shine.
  5. You are you and I am I. Envy only creates self-destruction.
  6. Don't face the shadow of the present; don't live in the past; forget all the unwanted memories.
  7. Faith without works is dead.
  8. Pray, at the same time read the Bible.
  9. You cannot please everybody. If he doesn't like you, be it. You don't need to pretend to be another person just to make him like you.
  10. Friendship really matters to me. If a friendship is slowly dying, a piece of me starts to die too. Honestly, it's a weakness. But it's also a strength. So, beware.
  11. I realized I got sick because I was stressed. I was stressed because I got worried of the things I listed above.
There. Everything involved the the four aspects of life. Just a piece of an unsolicited advice:  
Don't wait to experience sickness, or poverty, or big problems in life before you appreciate it. Be happy with life, it's a gift. 


It's 30 days before my 18th birthday! Yey, happy birthday to me.
I just remembered some words from my friends:
-Aging in inevitable. (From someone whom I told I don't want to get old)
-Age is just a mental concept, it doesn't really matter.. (From someone who doesn't want to tell his true age.)
Haha. Getting old. -_-
And it's 2 days before our classes start to resume. Oh no, my mind's still on its vacation. Haha. Anyway, Happy days ahead, guys! :)

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