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One month! I thought I'd never be back again. Haha. I was inspired to post a blog after knowing that my friends are back again to blogger. Hurray for that! But before I introduce them, I'll share some of the happenings lately in my life although they're not really significant. lol.

During the last few days of sembreak, I was hooked to Hunger Games. After watching the movie with my sister, we both decided to download the e-book from the net. We didn't start reading from the 1st book, instead we read the second one first which is the Catching Fire, reasoning that we already watched the 1st in the sequel. In two days, we finished the book. We weren't satisfied so we downloaded the next book which is Mocking Jay. And in two days again, we finished it. And still, we weren't satisfied so my sister decided that we read the book 1. And of course, we finished it no time! Haha. We were both engrossed with Katniss and Peeta! I like Katniss being so serious and brave and all. I love Peeta being so understanding and caring. If ever I'm going to make a book review, It'd be another post, I'll just save it the next time. (And yeah, it's going to be late again.)

I was really thankful during the first day of classes when I learned of that my grade in Financial Accounting 1 got higher! From a B minus to B! I was so excited I didn't even tried to know the reason behind. HAHA. All I know is that our grades got higher, and that's already fine with me. I have a reason in mind but I'm not sure of it so I'm not gonna write it. Haha.

Next is, uhhhmmm. I forgot the other things I'm posting. Oh well, maybe later.

So, here are the blogs which inspired me to post: The owner of this blog is one of my first followers here in blogspot. Actually, we started having a blog at the same year. Okay, I'm going to make it easy for me. Haha. We were five classmates back then in 3rd year highschool when we started to blog. Blogging for us was for fun, a place to post our crazy stuffs in writing, a place where we can build our talent in poetry, write our rants, talk with each other through blog posts and everything. It wasn't made for some serious business such as earning, school stuffs or other important info. After months and years passed by, I am the only one remaing in blogspot. They left me. :( 
But then, just this afternoon, I checked my blogspot and I saw Kevin's post! Yey! I knew his not going to abandon his talent in poetry! I know he wouldn't like me to say things like this about his blog but I just I can't help it. Check his blog and his talent in writing poems! He is sometimes my inspiration in writing. ;) And this now is one of my best girlfriends. Lately she has also been inactive with blogspot but still active in blogging world because she's into tumblr. This cute girlfriend of mine is really good in drawing and photography. Not only that, she's a brainy! And a beautiful creature too! I have no doubts in that because birds of the same feather flock together. Yey! Lol. We both have the same course, BS Accountancy. We were classmates during freshmen in high school and freshmen in college. Before, I never thought that I would be a close friend of hers because she was really quiet, as far as I can remember, when we were in high school. But that was only a thought. Many things changed and now she is one of my closest friends. They motivate and encourage me to be CPA's in the future! Crossed fingers, soon! :)

There, check out their blogs! I'm sure your time will not be put to waste. Hihi.

I'm sorry for some typos and grammatical errors, I didn't proofread.  


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