Friendship Poem

8:47 PM

We have known each other’s faces ever since we were little kids
But so ironic to know that I started to love you just last two thousand and six
Was it I who first smiled?
Or was it you who began the friendship's first mile?
I can’t remember well how everything between us started
But spending many good, good days with you, how can I just forget?
I treasured those moments with you,
Keeping them in my heart always 5 years new.
Though we’re so different in many things
But then so alike in much more ways
You were the funny and friendly girl,
I was the shy and silent type
But whenever were together,
Time and space have lost their place,
‘Cause we’re the craziest and I like it that way best.
We sing - you sing way better (you even dance horribly)
We play the piano, you play the flute
We play the guitar, I teach you how
(And now you’re even much better)
We plant pechay, we sell them ‘till heaven knows where and when
We ride the bike, and strolled more until rain pours
We joke, you laugh at any joke
We laugh together, you laugh much more
We’re silent - I hate it when you’re silent
I cry - you’re there for me
We drink heavily, Oh how I miss salabat dearly.
I have loved, you kept it a secret
And when love needs to end, you spilled the restricted
But I just want you to know: I began to appreciate you more for that,
You’re just a true friend.
We studied the Bible and read it together
We pray and sing much more as sisters.
Through the sunny and gloomy days of life,
I know the Heavenly Father has always been your Guide.
And now that you’re nineteen, and don’t forget to soon be twenty,
I pray to Him that He continue blessing you in every aspect, abundantly.
May He continue to use you as an instrument that plays wonderfully
Of songs and praises of His love and grace to everybody.
Study well and pray more
Dream big things, Do your best
Love more, Worry less
And depend to God your all.
I hope we see each other soon.
Happy, happy Birthday Grace!
I miss you and I love you! J

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  1. ah,ka touched naman ng poem are so sweet girl.!

  2. You are just the best friend that really cares and thinks of me! I love you so much for this and I still read the poem every now and then ever since you showed me it. You are truly one sweet woman!!!


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