Seek Him with all your heart

6:39 AM

I was awaken by a phonecall from a classmate at exactly 5:08 this morning. he asked if i still have his registration form because we he happen to both print ours the same time wghen we needed an extra. i already forgot if the little piece of paper was still in my belongings but because he needed it for later's accounting quiz bee and of course, he is my classmate, i looked for it. and yes, it was there in my pile of papers and books. good thing its still there.
i was supposed to post a blog last night but due to tiredness, i fell asleep right away when i lay down in my bed. my religious organization spent our whole Sabbath in our place and wonderful is an understatement for my experience.
Every Sabbath is unique to me. I have different lessons learned and different story of blessedness to share. And this one's worth sharing. But i wont go any further to details.
i asked God some months ago about faith experiences. I was envious those times of other people's testimony of how God.has led there lives. So I asked Him if He can also give me those kind of situations. I thought it was that easy that time. I forgot that when He wants us to learn a lesson, there are risks- either it will be in a good way or not-so-good way. I was including that prayer in my prayers twice or thrice then forgot about it. Then yesterday came and all realization sank in to me. While having a sharing moment with the president of the group, I remembered so well every detail in my life of how God has been working. From that very time and scene when my father met my mother until this current episode of my life, God has been always in control. Then suddenly, my prayer months ago hit my memory lane and I asked myself, why do I still ask God to prove Himself to me? When all along He have proven, with all the necessary evidences, His goodness in my life? That although there are many times, i admit, that I do not put God in the first of my everything, still He gives me many reasons to make Him my first.
Jeremiah 29: 11 does not only tell us to trust Him because He has the best plans in our life but if we continue reading until verse 14, it says that if we only call and pray unto Him, He will answer and if we shall seek and find Him with all our heart, we will find Him. I was thankful that He answered my prayer in a good way. But, I don't know, maybe He will still let me experience another thing which will be a good testimony of faith to others. And I don't recognize myself. Because all along, it was Jesus who has been working- my Redeemer and Friend.

*This is a mobile post. I apologize for many errors. I'll edit as soon as I get to my laptop. ;)

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  1. naks, ang lalim naman! Nalunod na yata ako eh!! xD Teary-eyed! (exaggerating lang lol xD) pero jana, you're writing is really heartfelt. :3 they're very inspiring not only to me but my friends also.. well... ina-advertise ko ung blog mo... so a few of my friends know you.. :P but anyway!!! I like this! I love you!<3


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