Psalm 17

3:17 PM

Have you ever experienced that one instance in your life when you feel so depressed, so lonely, you pity yourself so much, you just feel that things around you are so heavy and they just weigh you down and all you can do is cry. But the hardest part is, you CAN'T CRY. No tears are flowing down your cheecks but you can feel constricting muscles in your chest and in your throat, signs that there should be water building up and should swell in your eyes, but there's just none.
You long for someone to talk to. But you can't share what you feel at that moment. Not even to the most trusted person you know. Just because you don't want him/her to worry about you. You can't share it with your friends because they might just judge you. Or you're afraid they'll just gossip what you are going through.
You're just so afraid of what is happening and what might happen.
You're so dependent.

I am this sometimes.
But one thing keeps me feel safe.

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Posted via Blogaway

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  1. And what is that one thing?? Yeah I feel you. I had these fears before, but Jesus promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is the ultimate and dearest friend you can ever have. Just bend both knees, fold your hands, close your eyes and pray. There, in that solitary moment, you will find comfort. :) I hope you're okay now.


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