I am: Shall be better.

10:47 PM

Day 6. Something you would like to change about yourself.

Humans are never really contented with themselves. May it be the physical looks, the attitudes, possessions, and many more. That is why people envy each other. We hate, we lie, we frown with life, we lose friendships, we break our own hearts.
As I am growing up, I have observed that I am really going through this cross roads. I always imagine myself in the front of not only two diverging roads, but many. In every choice and every decision, I must only pick one road and travel in it. And now that I have just recently picked a new road, I am experiencing many struggles. One of this is the day 6 challenge. I am always looking into someone and wishing I am like that person because she is like this or he is like that. So, this is not only one thing I like to change but these aren't also all. These are some of the things I am changing about myself.

I am a pessimistic person. When I am planning or making a decision, what I foresee are negative things that might happen. Even my first impressions to people are really negative that is why it is hard for me to gain trust and build friendships that easy.

I am passive. Usually, when people surrounding me are more dominant than I, I am hesitant to make actions and express emotions. I feel really insecure causing me to always make mistakes and just feel so little.

I am inexpressive of  appreciation. It's hard for me to show gratitude, love, and care. Because of this, I forget those people who are most important in my life. I am always late in thanking and showing care, that I really, really love them and I don't want to lose them.

I am an alone person. I envy people who are good in making and keeping company. But I can be a good company, promise. Just please let me. :)

I am really lazy. Can't talk more about this, I'm feeling lazy.

So, there they are. These are not what I LIKE TO CHANGE, but these are what I AM CHANGING.
Of course, change is not an overnight process, it can take weeks, months, or even years. I just want to be sure that I am changing for better. I hope not only I will benefit but also people I am associated with.
Let us be contented with what God has blessed us with what we have and who are.. Just trust His love and grace, for things we ask according to His will is always granted. Just never forget to be thankful, He gives all.

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  1. recognize that there is a need to change.. and accept the fact that you need to change.. are two ways toward it.. change is a constant thing. :))


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