C is for My Top 5 Christian Movies

9:47 AM

I'll be sharing a bit of a summary of my favorite Christian movies. I have already watched these films and they are truly inspiring. I hope you'll be interested too in taking a spare of your time and watch them also.
Pardon me for my format. I have writing this while in a bus so I don't have time to check formalities. Anyway, have fun! :)
These are not in any order:

1. Fireproof
A 2008 movie which is about marriage. The story revolves around the hanging 7 years of marriage of Catherine and Caleb. This is really inspiring because it portrays true forgiveness and that the only way to succeed over any matters, even failing relationships, is to accept that only Christ can bring salvation to it.

2. Facing the Giants
The story is about the coach of a football league who has been going to a struggle of leadership, witness and family. Despite the losses his team has been encountering, he decided not to quit for his team and even changed his way of leading by trusting only to God's provision. The challenge is added when he learned that his wife cannot conceive a child because of him. No matter how big the giants we are facing in life, the movies inspires us to have faith to the Greatest Coach we have.

3. Soul surfer
Based on a true story, Bethany is a natural born surfer. She has been joining competitions and has been winning many times. But a tragic accident happened when one day, while surfing on a different beach, her arm was ripped off by a tiger shark. She lost her left arm just below her shoulder. Her life story is a witness of faith and the importance of a family's support.

4. Courageous
The movie is about fatherhood. The story revolves around the lives of four policemen who have their own unique life stories. They all have one calling, that is to serve and to protect. And this calling does not end in doing their responsibilities in the community but as well as to their families. This is an inspiration to fathers and even to sons and daughters which can help us realize that commitment to God is the best tool in serving fellowmen wholeheartedly and courageously.

5. Letters to God
This an inspiring and heartfelt story of a boy who at a very young age was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his difficult situation, his faith has led people around him to also have faith to the God whom he knows have the best plans in our life. He learned to be happy despite the pain because He has a wonderful relationship with His God.

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  1. Teary-eyed ako sa Facing the Giants and Letters to God. Na-inspire naman ako sa Courageous. I love those movies. Have you watched God's Not Dead yet? :) Kung wala pa, I recommend it. :)

  2. ^Every Christian movie is so touching!! But definitely watch God's not Dead!! That left me bawling for the life of me! xD

    I still haven't seen Courageous and Letters to God though! :O

    1. I have watch God's Not Dead, I just forgot to put it in this list. I'll edit this soon! Thanksss. :D


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