How Some People End up Sick

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Just last week, Monday (May 18, 2015), our church had an overnight swimming. Of course, if it's an outing like that, with all the closest friends you have, it was a lot of fun. But no, I'm not blogging about how cool the place, or where this place is. I'll be telling you a bit of what we did that night and what happened to me  after that night until now.

Let's start that Monday night:
I did not jump into the pool until it was 7pm (We came to the place around 5) then got out of the pool at 11pm. I enjoyed every second like I was a little kid who feels she's a mermaid and could stay in the water forever. I tried the pool's slide too many times, tumble-jumped (whatever you call it) to the water a hundred times, screamed under water for approx 15 times, did voice synchronization, and ate some fruit salad (which was sweet).

The next day, I was all fine. I got up a bit late, which was expected. But I feel no body pain at all because of swimming or jumping or sliding. I know why. Cause I was trying to exercise everyday before that swimming, so my muscles were stretched up a bit already. I got no worries that day of getting sick. But the next day, my body betrayed me.

I got a sore throat. Later in the evening before sleeping, I gargled water with salt to relieve the sore. It felt better. But the next day, it was worse. 

I couldn't speak anymore cause it hurts. I was so silent and awkward at the house my sister even asked me why am I so lonely, when I'm not even lonely. I just have a sore throat.

I got an itchy nose, eyes, no, the whole face actually was itchy. I knew a cold was coming. I was sneezing and I still got the sore throat. 

It can't be prevented anymore. Because I still ate ice cream that night despite the fact I know I already have a cold. Why do I crave for sweets when I shouldn't be taking them??

Sunday was the same with Saturday, though I don't have a sore throat anymore. That was better.

Monday this week was different:
I went to my school that morning. I left the house feeling nauseous. I felt like puking. I told my mother about it but then I just ignored what I feel. I was dizzy all throughout the travel. But after walking to and fro inside the campus and perspired a lot, I felt better. BUT, cough came. If I talk, it sounds like I am so sick. But I really didn't feel sick. I hate how I sound, makes me pity myself.

Little sidetrack:
Then a good friend gave me this cute stuff toy. I named him BT, short for BlueTooth. Cause he is blue and is tooth-shaped. Hehe. And I don't even know why he gave me one. He said because it was my birthday last year, but my birthday's gonna be in less than 2 months. Oh well, anyway, I never thought a cute alien can make me feel better.

I got an itchy throat. But just feeling better. I also have headache that comes once in a while. I should have eaten properly. I didn't have appetite for food.

Wednesday, this day:
I will get better, real soon if I just stop taking sweets and cold  drinks. But I'm okay now, thank God.

So, why did I just tell a week of sickness progression? Because I want to learn my lesson through observing myself. And I did a really, really good job. *taps reassuringly my own back*
Sorry, I just want to let you, whoever is reading this thing, that you need to take good notice of what you do to your body. We reap what we sow. Though you feel so good today doesn't mean you're gonna eat that good smelling whopper burger or that sweet-to-the-eyes-sugar-glazed donuts all you want to. Or you're gonna spend the whole night under cold water then let just let yourself dry out in the open. Or you are gonna sleep at 2 or 3am just because you know you can wake up at 9 or 10 the next morning. Oh noooo. You don't want to end up in lying bed because you feel so dizzy you can't get up to pee. Or worse, if you're immune system is too weak, you'll end up in another bed: A hospital bed. And instead of using that money so you can buy that book you really like, or buy someone special a gift, you're gonna be spending them for medications. What a waste right? And who wants that kind of waste?

This is just a friendly reminder. I rarely get sick. You can even count the times I get sick during the past 4 years cause I blogged some of them: Click here and here.
Apparently, my brain works really well when I'm like this so I get to write about them.
I try to learn the causes, the symptoms, and the cure. Diseases are consequences of disobedience to the law of nature. You want to keep healthy? You can remember this: You reap what you sow.
It can not only prevent you from getting physical sickness but can help you as well with social relationships and goals in life.

Take a moment and think about it.  

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