10 Days Challenge

9:26 PM

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Goodbye May, goodbye summer vacation, goodbye sleepless nights, goodbye relax times.

On the other side of the globe, their summer is just about to start. But here in the Philippines, it's ending. But it's still soooo hot here. I wonder when rainy days will come?  

I cannot summarize my summer vacation since I haven't really done any fun activity. It wasn't as fulfilling as I expected, but it was good. 
Now I'm back to updating this blog often, I don't know why. It just happened that I'm so bored that I began wondering again to this little world of mine.
Here's a not-so-new-thing again: I'm doing a challenge! Yeah. For the 3rd time, I'm doing again a challenge. But this time, it's a bit shorter compared to my 1st two challenges which were the 365 days and the 30 days. This time, I'm really hoping I can finish everything. I looked this up in Google then tried to make my own version. And here's the result:

I cannot promise myself to accomplish this for 10 days. I tried 365 days, but just suddenly stopped when I was on the 3rd month. I tried 30 days but also stopped after the 5th day. Let's see how I'll end up with this 3rd challenge. And probably I'll also be posted on how exciting this month is going to be.

Okay, bye now. I'll leave with this cute bunny. 

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