Day 1: Ten Different People

12:45 PM

Day 1 of Ten Days Challenge

1. Dr. Gregory House, I wish you are real. I am fully aware that you are sarcastic and mean but I still like you. You prioritize your patient's life over your professional license. You are selfish most of the time but it's just because you're lonely. I know you're just fictional, I'm just too fond of your character.

2. Grace, writing all the things that I want to say to you is already a different blog post. You know, to consider a friendship as the best one requires constant communication and of course, the presence of each other. I know we do not have those because of the distance between us. But I want you to remember that despite all that, you are still my only best friend. If ever you come back home, I know it will be a bit awkward for both of us. But I also know that it'll pass. Then we can play the piano and guitar together again, we can ride the bike under the rain, drink salabat until we cannot fall asleep anymore. And laugh and cry and sing. I miss you.

3. MJ, if ever you are reading this (I know you won't be able to), you'll know who you are. You are that one person in my life that I remember from time to time. I regret the mistakes that I have done in the past. I have learned my lessons and you were part of it. I forgive you. And I think that is all you need to hear from me.

4. To someone who I turned down an offer of friendship, I'm sorry. I was selfish and childish during those times. You know I have too many friends that time; my attention was only for them that I wasn't able to notice your presence. I kept your letter and I wish I can go back in time and change what I did. 

5. Fatherdear and Motherdear, I have failed you too many times and I have broken the trust you've given me. I'm sorry for disappointing you. When you were at my age, I know you were all mature and have been doing big decisions in your life already. And compared to me, I know I still need to grow. Thank you for giving me all the another chances. You are the best!

6. To whoever is making me sad, I don't know if you know who you are and I'm not sure if I know who you are ( I just want to complete the challenge). Thank you for the opportunity of making me realize that I will not completely understand happiness without experiencing loneliness. But please don't keep stressing me. 

7. To whoever is reading this, you are one of the source of my joy right now. Because despite all the selfish things I am writing here, you are here reading them. Or I don't know if you are really reading them, but still, you are here and I am just so glad I might cry tears of joy. 

8. To a professor, I cannot specifically mention your name because I don't want you to know this. I am afraid that I am going to face you again. That's all. If I tell more, people might rat me out. Heheee~

9. To my crush/es. I am so sad that you don't know I am existing. Or maybe you know that I am existing but my overwhelmed appreciation for you does not. *deep sigh. Anyway, thank you for inspiring me of your good looks/intelligence/wit/funny personality/other admiring characteristics. Some of you are my close friends, that's all I want you to know. 

10. Future Special Someone, I haven't written a letter for you for a long time. I hope I'll meet you soon. I told myself last year that I should have a boyfriend already before blue moon comes this year. And now, blue moon is coming and I think you are still in the future. Oh well, hope you are having a good day, even without me. Because I am having a good day, even without you. Haha. In the future, we'll both have a better day, maybe even the best. Sounds cool? See you!

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