Day 2: About Yourself

6:20 PM

1. She doesn't seem to like writing things directly about herself.
2. So she would rather tell a third person point of view, fictional, about me story which is inspired by her true to life story.
3. This girl is actually from the Earth's moon. She likes to travel from planet to planet but decided to stay on Earth for a while because of their cute little things like ribbons.
4. She would like to experience the different adventures in this planet since she has been so used to travelling through comets, black holes and meteors that she wanted to try new things now.
5. For her, Earth creatures are so interesting compared to others. (I'm not so sure who or what are these 'others'.) She is fascinated by the way people look when they are lost in their thoughts, the way they half smile, the way they try to hold back their tears or even the way they look down when they walk.
6. When she comes back home, she wishes to bring a pet with her. She likes the dog named Snoopy in a comic book she has read. Or Garfield could also be, except that this cat is lazy.
7. She likes how Earth creatures are so artistic that they can compose music, write poems, or paint a picture out of their emotions. She likes reading poems. And she has learned also how to write poems. Except that she can only write when she's sad. 
8. She has also learned how to play music. She plays the guitar, the piano and the recorder. She's learning how to play the violin and the flute. She wishes she can play every instrument in an orchestra. What an ambitious girl, trying to play music to the stars and constellations.
9. She thinks listening and watching an orchestra concert as a date is really cheesy. And less ambitious than playing every instrument. But stargazing while flying in space with meteors and comets are the best.

Sorry, can't think of an ending.  

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