Day 3: The Christian Way

5:35 PM

I'd like to answer this not the fictional way anymore, but the Christian way.

1. Learn to love first the Creator then His creation. Love the Lord more than me. Nothing is more attractive than a guy who is in love with Jesus and passionate in following Him.

2. For me to accept your proposal of pursuing me, I'll appreciate very much your bravery and courage by talking to my parents first.

3. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Be sincere. Both in actions and in words.

4. Make sure that you are a trusted friend of mine already. Because that is when you'll understand how unpredictable I am with anything and everything I like or dislike. (But I'm not sure if you will really understand girls.)

5. Be a gentleman. Not because you just want to impress a girl but because it is the right thing to do.

6. Who wouldn't want to be with someone who makes her laugh?

7. Be responsible. I should see that you know how to prioritize things and that you have goals in life. 

8. Be traditional. Write letters and I'll probably write back. Go to my house and visit. Of course if you're number 3, you will be comfortable around my family. 

I also recommend to anyone who is reading this to also read this blog post which has clearly explained a good perspective on Christian courtship and dating. Click this: How to pursue a Godly woman

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  1. Christian single would truly understand our Christian views about love, sex and marriage. For me, being a man, our role is really important because we' re the ones who stand and guide the family. May you find that Godly man, a man who loves God first. :)

    I am definitely following your blog. :) Thank God i found this!

    By the way, I added you in my exchange links. To know more about this surprise, please visit this URL:

  2. You have an interesting and inspirational blog. Rest assured that I'm gonna be your new reader :)

    BTW thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a nice day ahead!



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