Keeping Up (Random 104)

11:08 PM

I have been going through some ups and downs lately. I hope these are only some of those puberty stages of teenagers but then I'll remember I'm not a teen anymore. So I cannot really reason out puberty or something else related to that. Maybe this is time of my life when I'll be experiencing the consequences of what I did in the past. Because I really believe that what you do today can affect your tomorrow. Well maybe not literally and right away tomorrow but in the future. And somehow, a part of what I did in the past has its consequence now. And I cannot do anything but accept and learn. It'll be really nice if I'll share it here, but right now I'm just once again trying to keep up with this blog. As you can see, I have joined that 30 days challenge thing but again, for the second time around, I failed in finishing it. I stopped after the fifth day. Too bad for me. I really wanted to finish until the last letter, but oh well, sometimes I'm just good in starting. Truth is, I haven't really accomplished anything yet.

Just last week, I got so inspired to create another blog. Cause I wanted a change. This blog has been a comfort zone. I write whatever, whenever, however crappy it is I wanted to write. Without even thinking that there some (actually only few) who still read this blog. I feel like after 7 years of keeping this blog, it just became a trash. So yeah, I was really excited of making that new blog. I was thinking what site am i going to use. Should I use again blogger? Or should I try Wordpress? Or what about Tumblr? After some sort of discussion with myself, I ended up with blogger. Then I have decided about its URL, Blog name, theme, etc.. While I was trying to make the blogger header, I just got lazy. Just because I cannot set the right size to fit in my blog. I stopped editing the HTMLs, pictures, links, whatsoever that day. And once again, I haven't accomplished a thing. Then just this afternoon, I decided, and this should be really final, that I'll still continue with my new blog BUT, I'll be using Tumblr. I am not leaving this blog for good, this has so many memories that I just cannot throw away. (And I am somehow earning from this. Hehe) My new blog SHOULD be something more inspiring and encouraging and worth sharing. That is a NOTE TO SELF.

There, I still am not finished with Tumblr. I haven't find a nice theme yet. But here's a link to that blogger site that I did not finish ----- LOVED, CALLED, CHOSEN. It's still working but also still under construction. Some features and buttons are working properly. Only the header gave me the headache. (Because I don't know how to use Photoshop. Huhuhuhu) Maybe after finishing everything with Tumblr, I'll be deleting that account. If you happen to read this, and somehow got a bit curious in taking a quick look with the new-but-to-be-deleted-blog, I'll really appreciate if you'll leave a comment/remark. Maybe there or maybe here. Just anything. But please don't be rude. Okay? Thank youuuu!

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  1. Please continue this blog because I love it!!!! :)


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