Part 1/2 of Summer 2015: Baguio

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Warning: This is a long post with lotss of pictures. But if you're looking for weekend itinerary ideas in Baguio, keep reading. 

Ever since my father worked abroad (that was actually 4 years ago), we never had a real vacation as a family. But this year, one item in my bucket list was checked.
My family spent a 4 days and 3 nights stay at Baguio and the whole weekend was really great. I didn't post any pictures on Facebook aside from one Instagram shot of strawberries in my hand. Of course, a Baguio escapade won't be complete without strawberries, right? Yum! So, instead on posting in Facebook our adventures, I'll be posting them here. 

Day 1: Friday, April 24, 2015
Our trip started at exactly 4:20 am in Cavite. From our place, we a road a Saulog Bus which was a straight route to Baguio. It was an almost 9 hour ride since we arrived in our place in Baguio at around 1:30 pm. 

Two weeks before we left, I've read from other blogs that it would be difficult and time consuming to find a transient house on the actual day you will arrive in Baguio so I tried to search in the internet dorms or transient houses available. And I found many! After trying to contact few that I found cheap and comfortable, we decided to choose the Nitro House in Tacay Rd., Quezon Hill. The house was really cheap compared to other houses for rent I found. The whole house are ours for four days and 3 nights for only P5250. The house has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen with electric stove, and bathroom with heater. I tell you, find a place where the bathroom has a heater. The water is soooo cold!

Click here for Transient Homes in Baguio.

This was taken at the bus: featuring our dental braces. Haha. My sister and I had some minor problems with our teeth so we've had our braces for almost 3 months now. Big smiles!

First stop: Burnham Park

Upon arrival at the house, we rested for a while then at 4:00 in the afternoon, we decided to go to the market place but before that, we stopped by this very popular park in Baguio. 

We tried the Boats for Rent

Tada! The fountain.
Yeah. It's blurry. Cause I'd always love to take stolen pictures of both of them.

Because we were new to the place, it wasn't easy for us to find the market place. Hehe. We asked an old lady about the place and gladly, she was really friendly and told us about the Hanger. (I don't know if I spelled it right) So, she said this is that part in the market where cheap vegetables and fruits are sold, but they close as early as 7:00 in the evening.

After I took a picture of a Longganisa stall, this little girl asked me to take a picture of her too. Witty.
Day 2: Saturday, April 25, 2015
We don't have any plans for this special day except to visit Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Baguio.

Pines City Seventh-day Adventist Church

This is also where the Mountain Provinces Mission of Seventh-day Adventists is located. We're glad to meet some brethren who also came to Baguio for a vacation.

And we have also met the church members here.
Pines City SDA Church is located at Navy Base Road.

In the afternoon, we decided to visit another SDA Church in Bokawkan. And suprisingly, I found out that my schoolmates in Adventist University of the Philippines were also in Baguio! The prayer and Bible study group led by Kuya Ronald Robin together with Sir Sam Cassell were invited to minister at Bokawkan SDA Church and Pines City SDA Church.

The whole Sabbath was a great experience! I was even given a part in the ministry and it was a blessing! Praise God! 

The photo below is at Pines SDA Church. After the service in Bokawkan, Kuya Ronald ( the man in violet barong) had to speak for a sundown worship in Pines. My family and I was invited to join them so we went back again to Pines, but together with an army of God's people. :)

It's not a coincidence. God has plans for our lives. Most of the time, the plans are executed in the most unexpected way and at the end of the day, they always prove to be the best. Of course, it would be. The Greatest Planner did it!

Day 3: Sunday, April 26, 2015
As part of my research in Things to do in Baguio, (yes, I really typed those exact words in Google) we found out about this Tree Top Adventure in Camp John Hay. 
But before that, here's a picture of the Strawberry Taho we had during breakfast. It was really good that one cup is not enough for me. But I didn't buy again. Flavored taho is expensive than the normal taho we commonly drink/eat/whatever. Heeeee. 

A dream catcher! I've always wanted to have one. Not because I believe that it catches bad dreams away but because it's just artistically beautiful. 
I even caught a picture of the taxi driver. Look at the mirror. Hehe. 
Fun trivia: I've never seen a tricycle in Baguio. And there are only really few jeepneys. Some jeepneys look like a truck because of their sizes. But yeah, I don't know if they really don't have tricycles there. There are just sooooo many taxis. 

Hello Tree Top Adventure! 
As you can see below, the adventures are right behind me. The wallpaper behind me, I mean. They have Canopy, Silver Surf, and Funicural which are only 3 adventures out of many other adventures that we tried. 
You can check their website here >>> Treetop Adventure
Of course I'm not a geek. Yeah, the sweatshirt says GEEK.
The waiting line in Canopy Adventure was so long that we had nothing much to do but take a picture of our tickets,


And our shoes.

So here's the Canopy, it's like a zip line but you are seated. Okay, it's difficult to describe. Just look at the pictures:

Lil Bro

Lil Sis

Coz I was holding the camera, and I got no picture, and I was expecting a lot of background, but it's difficult to take a selfie with SLR, coz I was sitted in a hanging chair. Right, enough of that.
Hanging chairs. lol

My parents. Here should be what we look like above. :D
 And this is Silver Surfer. It's like surfing. But surfing in the air. Hahaha. I suck at explaining things like these. Just look at how fun it was. :D

Family selfie at the Funicular
Okay, so after the Silver Surfer, we rode this Funicular. It's just a really, really simple ride. What made it special are the people I was with and the view. Yiieeeee.
After the Funicular, we went back to where we came from through the Canopy again.

The view. I don't have wide lens, sooo. And I'm still trying to learn manually the SLR. Hihi
Finally! A decent family pictures aside from the group selfies we had. 
How sweet, right?
 I can never really post pictures in Facebook with captions like these. HAHAHA.

We still had so much time in the afternoon because we were finished before lunch. We were planning to go to Mines View Park then Strawberry Farm in Benguet. But sadly, the weather did not permit us so. And the traffic too! Both the traffic and the rain were heavy that we spent almost 3 hours in the taxi. So instead of continuing with the plan, we decided to just go to SM Baguio! People say that this is the only SM in the Philippines with no air conditioning system. We tested and tried it, and it was proven! 

SM Baguio has open areas like these on both sides of the mall. So you can really see the good looking view outside, and have an inhale of fresh air.

Hello again, shoes.

The rain stopped for a while when we arrived at SM. But just after a few minutes, it rained again. Look at the dark clouds.

 We stopped for a while at Cinnabon inside the mall and of course, ate some cinnamon bread. 

We stopped by the market place again upon going home cause food is much cheaper and healthier there than buying from fast food chains. Then we had a cold, but a really good night sleep.

Part 2/2 of this post will be about the Mines View Park and the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet. Click here: Part 2/2 of Summer 2015: Baguio.

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