Part 2/2 of Summer 2015: Baguio

5:20 PM

Day 4: Sunday, Last day, April 27, 2015

For our last day in Baguio, we were supposed to leave at 12:00 noon since the bus going to Cavite is scheduled to leave at 12:00 nn and 5:00 pm. But because we still haven't visited two famous sites in Baguio, we chose to just leave in the afternoon.

Fifth Stop: Mines View Park

This is one of the most visited places in Baguio. And there is no doubt why. Here we witnessed a breathtaking panoramic view of the gold and copper mines of Benguet and its surrounding mountains. It was beautiful. I have a wonderful Creator!

We heard that native Igorots are placing their dead family members' tombstones just beside the house. And we saw one just below. And I took a picture of it. It wasn't actually one. There were 6 tombstones.

To confirm if they were really tombstones, I  used the bigger lens. Hehe. At last! I used it properly.

With my Fatherdear.

It was sunny but we can still feel the cold breeze. Wearing long sleeves wasn't a bad idea after all.

Family selfie!
Taking a picture with this dog is quite expensive. So we just took a literally stolen shot. My sister is really good at this. 

There were pink horses at the park too and Igorots with their native clothes on. But taking a picture with them requires payment. So sadly, we had no pictures of them. 

This is also where we bought our pasalubongs. They have a variety of native handicrafts, jams, and Baguio shirts. Items here are the similar to the items found in the public market but its much cheaper here. You can even bargain and since there are so many stalls, you can compare prices before purchasing.

Last stop: Stawberry Farm, La Trinidad Benguet

After Mines View Park, we luckily met a very friendly taxi driver who was so eager to take us to La Trinidad. He was even a tour guide because of the many informative things he was telling us. 

It was an hour ride from Mines to Strawberry Farm, and just upon going out of the taxi, ice cream vendors approached us right away and offered us this special Strawberry Ice cream. No regrets! It was even better than a branded Stawberry flavored ice cream.

It was a big farm of variety of fruits and vegetables. And there is always a good looking view everywhere I look.

We thought we cannot pick strawberries anymore because a farmer told us that many tourists have been here already. But since we cannot go back anymore, we still tried our luck. And we're really glad there are still so many strawberries. :D

My parents
A Baguio trip is not complete without Strawberries!
The only photo I posted in Instagram and Facebook ;)
We still have time to eat lunch back at the Nitro house and have a little nap before finally going home to Cavite. 

It was a wonderful experience to visit Baguio. Now I definitely know I want more adventures to come! 

 Go to Baguio with Family. 

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