Day 5: No Regrets

10:10 PM

1. I wish I never had a boyfriend at such a young age. Then I would never have experienced heartaches so early.

2. I wish I didn't take BS Accountancy as my course. Should have just taken a course closer to the medicine, the career I really like. 

3. I wish I should have just kept this blog really private. Sometimes I feel like pretending and that's being a hypocrite.

4. I wish I had taken my studies more seriously. 

5. I wish I never started this challenge. I can't think anymore of any regrets from the things that I did.

6. I only regret the mistakes I have done in the past. Maybe the only real mistake I have done so far is the first and the fourth in the list. The others were not really good decisions but it turned out that I'm glad I did them. 

Right now, these are not anymore regrets in my life. Bad things may happen but the do happen because God has a reason. I have learned my lessons and I'm glad that the Lord can make all things work out together for good to those who love Him. ~Romans 8:28

Oh, by the way, I remember my Father telling me, 
"It's not regretting what you did, it's regretting what you didn't do."

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