The Few Days Before My Birthday

8:01 AM

Here I go again, trying to achieve something before reaching another year of my life.

Days before I reach 21. Yes, in 18 days, I'm officially entering adulthood. And I don't actually feel turning 21, I feel turning 18. But anyway, this post is the same pattern I have been doing during the past three years before reaching my birthday. I started this when I was 17 turning 18. I try to make a list of anything that just pops in my mind. I start writing a list per day counting my to-be-age backwards from my birth date. The list is numbered also according  to the age I was turning to: 18 new people I met, 18 new songs, 18 places, etc. I was not able to post everything in my blog, but I keep them recorded in my diary.

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This time, I started 3 days late. I should have started last June 20 so the days will be exactly 21 days before my birthday. I have also made revisions. Instead of making a list of 21 things everyday, I'll only be making one list for the next 18/17 days.

My list is still not yet finished, but to start, here's an acronym I have written two years go just after turning 19:

Interesting or not, she only have a one word, four letter name.
No kidding, but she just celebrated her birthday yesterday.
Enthusiastically, she wants to write a poem for herself.
To abridge tall tales of her imaginative mind and
Enlighten herself with her own obscure styles.
Enlivening, she can’t make one
No excuses, just ironically pointless.

Not to grow up?
Inspire me, why not?
No hard choices to make, or
Exerting efforts to do and no
Trying to face new challenges in life.
Earned something?
Eventually, of course,


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