Happy Birthday Mama!

11:48 PM

In her stern rebukes I’ve realized my mistakes,
Her instructions have been my wise counsels;
In her service I’ve found love no matter what it takes,
No one can be compared with a heaven-sent angel

She can never fake her laughs, so when she does,
You’ll always know it is true.
She might have strict looks but when she smiles,
She really is beautiful, that’s for sure.

She does her chores with a happy heart,
So when she cleans or cooks, it’s always the best
Everything is done in her own wonderful art:
In case the Heavenly Master should put her to test.

She is the strongest woman I know
For when the whole family is weak, she stands up for all.
But the secret is not her own,
I have found out that her strength is the Lord.

When she cries, I cannot help but be broken inside
Because I rarely see her weak and cry.
 That’s when I realize she also has limitations
And this is her point when it’s only God who can answer her questions.

When friendships discourage me, I turn to her.
When I fail academically, I go to her.
When I am confused, I ask her.
When I need counsel, I listen to her.
When I have unending stories, she listens to me.
When I am sick, she cares for me.
When I achieved something, she is so proud of me.
When I do just even small things for her, she is so grateful to me.

She has just turned forty, and they said that life begins here,
But I believe that her life started when she met Jesus
And she has never been the same again.
I am just so thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful mother she has given me.
Her selfless love is a proof of the great love we receive from our Heavenly Father.
Happy Birthday Mama!

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  1. Thank you kay God kc kung di sa tulong Nya di ako magkakaron ng anak n mababait, you are an anwered prayer, teary eyes naman ako dito, ikaw talaga ang hilig mo ako surprised,one thing lang ang best gift na hingi ko syo, Alam mo n kung ano yun.. I love u so much.

  2. Happy Birthday to her! releasing all the blessings from heaven!


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