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Hello to the last week of second semester! I only have 3 days remaining then I can go home already. How exciting. Haha! But before getting too much excited, I need to get nervous first and should pass the qualifying exam.  And before I cram for the last minute, I wanted to share how blessed I was yesterday.
The Orion Nebulae
I woke up late for church. It was already 7:30 am and church is starting at 8:15 am. I just do not really know why… when in getting to class most students don’t want to be late but when going to church? Oh no, one hour late, two hours late, even three hours late. Haaaay, buhay. Anyway, I got up at around a quarter to 8:00 am. We prepared, dressed up, and went to church. We left the dormitory at 9:00 and of course, we’re expecting the expected- late for Sabbath School. We found empty benches near front and just listened while Sabbath School lesson was on going. We can’t participate to the class because we have not studied the lesson for the week. How disappointing, right?
Sabbath School ended and Divine Service came next. The message that morning was about God’s micro and macro universe. The messenger God had sent to deliver His message was Mr Balila, the head of Math and Physics Department. As to his profession so is the message.  He expounded the verse, Psalm 8:3-4 “When I consider the heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him?”
He demonstrated some calculations of the distance of the universe for which technology we have cannot reach beyond 10 raised to 27 light years away. From the widest thing beyond our imagination can reach to the tiniest atom which we can only calculate up to 10 to the -15 meters. That is how big and small the universe God had created that we can only say that we are insignificant. That is why David, the Psalmist asked God why do He still care for sinners like us, think of us, even saved us when God has all these wonders which are much greater?
The Orion Constellation
Mr Balila went further to Einstein’s popular formula of Energy, E=mc2. He explained that before we can ever go to another galaxy, which is outside our own Milky Way Galaxy, we need lots and lots of energy. We also have studied stars, nebulas, and constellations. The most controversial constellation to SDA’s  is the Orion Constellation. Orion is shaped like an archer and inside this cluster of stars, we can find the Orion Nebula. Inside Orion Nebula is a wide space and inside this wide space is over 2, 000 thousand stars which gives light to the Nebula. According to Ellen G. White, this is where Jesus will come out during His second coming.
A video was presented where we can imagine a trip from earth to the Orion Constellation to the Nebula until reaching the New Jerusalem Jesus had prepared to God’s Holy Throne where Jesus intercedes before us.  The next scene in the video was the coming of Jesus with His thousands of angels coming through the Nebula until they will reach earth. What a glorious sight!
As Mr Balila was concluding, He said the he wants to be with God in that special place prepared for His own children together with his loved ones in life. And the last statement he said was, “How about you?”
And that left me hanging although I was already full of facts and blessing. It left me still comprehending how marvellous God’s works are. It left me astonished and excited. It left me a big responsibility over myself and over God’s commission He entrusted to His disciples. It left me being inspired to be more faithful, obedient, and get ready for there are more tests and challenges coming our ways for which through only Jesus Christ, we can succeed.

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