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I just turned 21 years old last July 10. Wow. 
Reaching this age and I'm still in college, feels like I'm still a teenager but is being pulled by the "starting adulthood" stage. I think It feels like I'm just beginning puberty stage! Or maybe that is just a wish. :))
When I was 12, I can't wait to reach 18 years old and be a college girl already. Now that I'm 21, I still want to be 18. It just feels sweet being 18, sweeter than 16. ;)

And now, looking back and reflecting upon the past 21 years, all I can see is that it is God who has molded me to whoever I am right now. 

I have made so many mistakes and bad decisions. I've had dark experiences and failures. I have cried a lot, got confused, angry, lonely. But above all these downs in life, the best part of it all was that I have the Lord beside me. There are so many times that I turned my back to Him and yet in the end, I would always find myself crying at His feet. He never, not even once turned His back on me. 
He has blessed me with people that have been channels of joy and hope in my life. I admit that I am not a friendly person, I have kept only a few friendships but I am glad that they are genuine. I praise God for keeping them in my life. To specifically mention some of these friendships, I have my roommates, LAMP family, SUBO, AUDITORS, and some special individuals. They have been God's instruments of keeping me steadfast in faith. I am not even sure if I have been a good friend to them, but what I am definitely sure is that they are the best that I've got so far, and I am soooo thankful to them.
The same with my friends, I have the most supportive and loving family. I might be 21 now but they still see me like a little girl. And I think I know why - it's because I'm the eldest granddaughter and they're still adjusting. But that's fine. It's feels good to be treated and supported like a little girl. ;) I've got their backs whenever I feel like failing and falling. They are so proud of my little accomplishments. And I thank the Lord for a happy family He has given me. 
One more thing I am thankful to the Lord is that He has placed me to His university. I have never imagined before that I'll be going to an Adventist University during college. But here I am. I have spent the last five years here and almost ready to finish college. I don't know what kind of Christian I am if I had not been put here. This is the place where I have personally known my Saviour. It's the best place for me, in helping my relationship with Him grow deeper and stronger.

I remember the messages I've heard the past days from some of my friends that birthdays are not just about the celebrant but above all, it is praising his Creator and Sustainer of life. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with one whole year. And during that whole year, one thing I can be proud of with my life is that I've witnessed the Lord's goodness, faithfulness and love. Nothing can be compared to that. He has made me feel the most special!

Friends, if you've stumbled upon this post and have read this, I am thankful to Lord for you! 

Picture summary of an almost week long birthday celebration:


I've mentioned in my previous blog posts about this list I was making before turning 21. And just like other lists that I have made, I've only accomplished a few. Now I'd like to still do them before turning 22. I'm excited! It's like a bucket list. And one major thing in my list is to send personal letters through post mail. Not e-mail, not instant message, but post mail! I've never tried sending one, so now I'd like to send personal letters to 22 different people. If you'd like to receive one, just write a comment below with your current address or your address for the the next 8-12 months. Or for the best of your privacy, please do send me an e-mail here:
Excited to send letters to you! ^_^ 

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  1. i want to...anonymous...ate yech heheheh!!!

  2. Belated Happy 21st! :)

    I'm sure you'll have a more blessed, productive and fun year ahead. Nice idea ang pag send ng snail mail. I haven't sent one too given na 30 plus years old na ako lol

    1. Thanks ZaiZai!
      Really? You're 30+ na po? You don't look like one. ;)


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