Inspired by Love

3:22 PM

I discovered I like writing when I first wrote an essay about Love. I was in 6th grade back then but everything is still clear in my memory how I wrote that essay.
It was an assignment for English. If my memory is right, our topic that time was about adjective, verb and adverb; and our teacher asked us to write an essay about a certain thing using those words (Sorry, I forgot the precise instructions). During elementary days, my most favorite subject was Math. Although I already like reading, but just thinking about writing a paragraph about something made me so lazy already. But I have always been a good student so I still had to finish the requirement.
That afternoon after school, I picked up my pencil and paper, placed them on my study table then sat down. And my mind was so empty. It was so blank that I can still remember that I was thinking of "thinking about nothing". Ever tried that? I always do whenever I hate what I am doing. (Yes, until now.)
After a few minutes, I realized I will not accomplish anything with that state of mind so I stood up, went to our pile of books and tried to find something interesting. Then a book caught my eye. The title was, "The Greatest of this is Love".
I opened the book, turned a few pages and alas! I found the adjectives, the verbs and the adverbs I was looking for!
Patient, kind, long-sufferring, not envy and so on and so forth.
It was so beautiful that I tried to read from the very beginning of the book up to the page where I found the words.
I brought the book together with my pencil, and my paper outside the house where we have a little terrace back then and I started writing. I have never been that kind of inspired in writing before. I was so excited that I even wrote in cursive letters.
Everything that I wrote there was inspired by that book.
It was inspired by Love.


It's been 4 months since the last time I posted something again here. I actually have 5 drafts but I never had the courage to publish them. They are all unfinished. I just dropped by, I missed this place.
But I am still writing. I am currently active in Tumblr. Here's a link to My Tumblr account (just in case you're interested.)

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  1. I can't remember the first time I was inspired to write, but all I know is that in every letter my hand drift the pen, it is from my heart. :D Enjoy blogging! :D

    from Myxilog with love


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