12:37 PM

Hello! You have now safely arrived to the 3rd of May, 2016.

You have travelled for 854 days and I am aware of that bumpy ride.

How are things you have predicted in the past?

How many of them eventually happened in your journey to the present?

I heard that some of the adventures were a lot of fun.

I would love to hear your stories.

Like other travelers, I heard that you have also missed some of your expected destinations.

I am really sorry to hear about that.

We really cannot foretell what might happen along the way.

But I do hope the signs and signals were sufficient in helping you cross the roads.

Most of them also point you to the right directions.

But as I can see that you are in delay, maybe you have disregarded some of them.

That will surely make some difference.

But yes, of course, I do know you have learned something from that experience.

Were you satisfied with your travel?

Would you want to see a lot more in this journey?

Oh, you’ll think about it.

I see, I see. I do understand that you have lost valuable things and people.

Maybe you need some time to recover?

Yes, yes. Take all the time you need.

But please do remember, time doesn’t stop here.

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