LAMP: Light Bearers in Action Ministering to All People

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I shared this testimony last March 23, 2016 at Philippine International Church - AUP. I just want to share it here again. :)
5 years ago, I was a transferee student here in Adventist University of the Philippines from Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite. I transferred here because of only 2 main reasons: First is because of Saturday classes and the 2nd one is because I failed my Calculus subject  in LPU. Most of the transferee students can relate with me when I say that minor subjects in AUP are honestly really easier compared to other universities. If you think na pa-major ung mga minor subjects dito, I don't think I agree with you. We are so blessed with the Christian teachers that AUP has. 
Anyway, this testimony is not about that. 
So, I only have 2 reasons right? And during those times I was not even familiar with all these organizations in AUP. I don't have any idea or even a thought about joining small groups or choirs. So upon entering AUP, I was only focused on finishing accountancy, and that's it. But you know, the Lord has so many exciting plans for us. I was thinking and planning so limited and with so little opportunities. But God proved to me what He said to us in Jer 29:11. That He truly has plans not to harm us but to prosper us. He widened my narrow horizons.LAMP is not the first small group i joined. In fact, I only joined this group when I was already 3rd year college. I have tried joining Idream during my first year and then I joined Ministerial Association. Both of these organizations were a blessing to my spiritual and social life. I was a very introvert person before, I cannot stand in front of people without crying, it was so difficult for me to talk and befriend people before, you wouldn't even imagine that I can stand up here and share this testimony. But the Lord is so good. I know that some of you might be like I am before but if we will only surrender, what God can do is a life turner. You will truly be never the same person again.So, back to my story of joining small groups.. I started joining outreach activities with MA. Then when the Lord has taught me how to create friendships, that's when I started to meet LAMP. It was introduced to me by my classmates, the Abad twins, if you are familiar with them. It was so ironic actually. LAMP was then composed of just a really, really few number. I remember we were just 10 persons every small group meeting. Because of this small number of people, strong friendships were created through prayer. Here in this small group was also the time that I have learned how to do united prayer. Almost every week, we would gather and just pray. It was truly a blessing. The Lord knows our hearts very well. He knows how I badly need not only classmates but brothers and sisters in Christ with whom I can find encouragement and strength especially with my course. Like what Carla shared, nakakabaliw ang accountancy. But LAMP kept me sane, thankfully.Remember that I told I was only focused on finishing my degree here in AUP? Well, if you are like this kind of person, I am warning you. Beware. Because the Lord has unimaginable things prepared for you. If I would look back, it's difficult for me to see myself like I am now. But God is a Great Potter, Great Artist,  a Great Planner, and Great Executor of plans. He has planned unimaginable things in my life and it has become possible through people, experiences, through this small group. LAMP was where I Iearned how to lead, how to pray for others. It was a tool, and still a tool that the Lord has been using for me to be aware of the great commission He has entrusted to us. Outreaches, Soul Hunting, Give-a-Bread Activity, AY programs, small group meetings - I cannot find the right words to express how joyous it is to be part of these ministries. I am so limited, my talents are limited, my horizons are so narrow. I belittle what I can do. And some of you might be thinking like this, too. But I tell you, just surrender, commit, and trust our Great Lord. He will put you to a place, to a group, where you will be a blessing and you will also really be blessed! Most of all, this is where I met my Saviour. I can only but praise Him, for using everything just for me to know Him. 

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