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11:13 PM

It's the final quarter of 2016! Time flies so unpredictable! Yes, unpredictable. Because sometimes there were periods in my life where time was so much in a rush that I can hardly keep up with the happenings around me. BECAUSE it was the result of time just crawling that I just feel I had to procrastinate things. And I just explained a bit longer the cause and effect of being lazy and procrastination. Anyway, I'm so glad that I am soon to graduate college, after seven looooonngg years!! Finally, life!

I call a specific post of a mine a "random" one when I want to share just a sentence or a paragraph long about me. And nope, it's not the 106th random post, I just like to use one-zero-something because this is supposed to be leveling up. Like the courses you're taking in college, when you're still freshman, you're supposed to take first year courses like Math 101 then during sophomore year, because you leveled up, then you have to take second year courses like Math 201. I don't know why I'm taking too long explaining these trivial matters. I just missed my blog, that's all. And because I'm not leveling-up with my blogging style. I even feel so depreciated and impaired (whuuuuutt??)

Okay! Right now I am studying Law. Oh sorry, I WAS studying law before coming here and posting these senseless stuffs. And it's funny (it's funny for me, I'm laughing inside my head) because I had to pause for like three minutes before actually typing this sentence because my mom went out of her room and I'm afraid she might caught me not studying. HAHA. It's not really funny, I know.

Sometimes I just want to try going outside without actually bringing my phone. Because right now, a phone is just a big necessity for me. I feel so insufficient (I don't know if that's the right term) whenever I just go out for a short walk without my phone. I hate that I'm like this now. I survived high school without a phone now it's just too difficult.

I'm always on twitter and instagram though I don't always post. I'm just there, reading, looking, watching, and liking stuffs. And it consumes so much of my time. I seriously need to go social media fasting again. I tried this once but I failed, sadly.

This post is so selfish, everything is about me.

I don't know if I have mentioned in my previous posts that I changed again my blog url and my blog title. From not-really-an-arcane.blogspot.com to shewrotesomethingtoday.blogspot.com. Because the truth is, my previous url is grammatically wrong. HAHA. I've learned about that a few days after using that phrase but of course because I just used it, I don't want to change it again. So I had to bear for a few years the grammatical error but I got used to it as time passed by. And then, this year, I finally had a new and good idea for a new url so I changed it right away. That's why, I don't really have readers now. Because I am not sharing yet to anyone this new url.

And the blog title! Yes! From , "a twerp" to "a reverie". Twerp means innocent, simple, stupid or fool. I think I was 16 when I used this word about me. And I just feel so bad knowing that this is how I see myself. I don't what's with me during that time. But MAYBE, I was using the word twerp with the context of being innocent. Yeah, I hope so. Because I really don't remember anymore my reason why I used "a twerp".

So what's with, "a reverie"? Reverie means a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts (thanks Google). I am really not a talkative person. Well, I am a bit talkative but only with a really few and really close people. And most of the time, I have so many unsaid words. Because, you know that feeling when you think your opinions wouldn't matter because these people around you are so witty and they just think and express so good and so intellectual. So I end up keeping to myself what I am thinking. And I think that's the very reason why I am still keeping this blog. I had to express those thoughts because I never know when they could become handy someday. So far, they aren't handy.

But on a serious note, one good thing that I have observed with keeping this blog for years now is that, I have seen how I am growing. I have somehow kept a record of things that I've learned, of things I have realized about my life. I have seen my struggles and how I've overcame them. And it's really good too see changes and I that am becoming a better person (I hope so). So, in reverie, in a daydream, I once thought of these things and I don't want them to be lost forever. I want them to be found. 

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